About us

Enoplastic Green Leaf

Fifty-seven years of history, a united, enthusiast family, and young, resolute management at the helm of a company that has firmly established itself as the market leader. This is Enoplastic. Piero Macchi's passion for mechanical engineering and fine wines transformed a hobby into a successful business that has steadily grown and expanded thanks to the enlightened management of resources and the company's technological assets.

Established in 1957, Enoplastic had 25 machines by the end of the 1960s and a handful of workers to check that everything ran smoothly. The firm now has more than 150 machines in a facility covering over 65,000 m2, and employs about 250 people in the Bodio Lomnago (VA) factory alone, which is the heart of Enoplastic's production empire.

Today Enoplastic produces far over 2.5 billion units annually, exports to 86 countries worldwide, and is once again ready to ring the changes. Enoplastic is becoming a global brand and focusing on the economies of scale that enable it to achieve the highest levels of performance. A new computerised management system, a new website, one group that incorporates four currently operational subsidiaries (in Spain, New Zealand, Australia and the United States), and a shared technological language that forms the foundation of the entire organisation.

Enoplastic advances and continues to grow. It stays true to its principles and vigilant to market demands while keeping one eye on tradition and the other on innovation.